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Public Attributes

DatesViewPrivate Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

PangoLayout * abday_layouts [7]
GtkAdjustment * adjust
GdkPixbuf * alarm_pixbuf
PangoLayout * bdate_layouts [31]
GdkColor blue [3]
GList * calendars
icaltimetype cend
int corner_height
int corner_width
icaltimetype cstart
gint current_x
gint current_y
icaltimetype * date
PangoLayout * date_layouts [31]
GdkPixmap * date_pixmaps [31]
PangoLayout * day_layouts [7]
guint days
guint debug
gboolean done
gboolean double_click
gboolean dragbox
gboolean draw_selected
icaltimetype end
gdouble end_select
GList * event_days [12][31]
GList * events
gboolean first_move
PangoFontDescription * font
GdkGC * gc
GConfClient * gconf_client
GdkColor green [3]
GdkColor grey [3]
guint hours
gint initial_x
gint initial_y
GdkCursor * lr_cursor
GtkWidget * main
PangoRectangle max_rect
PangoLayout * month_layouts [12]
guint months
guint months_in_row
GdkCursor * move_cursor
icaltimetype now
gdouble offset_x
gdouble offset_y
DatesViewOperation operation
gint prev_x
gint prev_y
gboolean read_only
GdkPixbuf * recur_pixbuf
GdkColor red [3]
DatesViewRegion regions [12]
gboolean scrollable
guint select_day
gboolean show_marcus_bains
GtkWidget * side
gboolean single_click
guint snap
icaltimetype start
gdouble start_select
GdkPixmap * stipple_pixmap
PangoLayout * time_layouts [23]
gint time_layouts_height
GtkWidget * top
gboolean unselected
gboolean use_24h
gboolean use_list
icaltimezone * utc
guint week_start
icaltimezone * zone
gchar * zone_s

Detailed Description

Definition at line 147 of file dates_view.c.

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